I'm a mother of current students, and an Old Girl

I always feel welcome here. It has long been community oriented and family focused. When I was a student in the 80s, it was intimate, local and personal, just like it is today. I felt known by my teachers and other students across many year groups. There was a spirit of girls really can do anything.

Today, my daughters are now Roseville girls and I am thrilled that the same intimacy and personal touch remains, along with academic achievement and excellence. I am thankful that the same qualities that inspired and empowered me as a student have endured for the benefit of my daughters' generation!

I'm a member of staff

After more than four decades associated with Roseville College, the heart and soul of Roseville has not changed. Roseville is a family and community with a big heart and big personality, where everyone seems to know one another. Staff and students treat each other with the highest levels of respect and genuine care, which help form lifelong friendships.

I'm a mother of current students

Roseville is unique in its ability to nurture girls as well rounded individuals at school, while also preparing them for the years ahead. As a day school, it's a truly local, connected environment. It is smaller with a community feeling, which really suits us. We see Roseville as an extension to our own family.

We observed that everyone - parents, friends and teachers - shared the focus of girls first. We recognised this School as a very caring environment under strong Christian pastoral values. We are so delighted how Roseville College has nurtured our girls, helping them find balance and identity in school life, and finding their feet as learners studying for the HSC and as young woman discovering their path and purpose in life.

We are parents who chose Roseville College for our daughters

I've been a Dad and an involved volunteer at the College over many years. Now I'm Grandad to girls at the College.

New to the area, we were delighted with the local area and the community was wonderful. However, we needed to find the best school for our eldest daughter. We discovered Roseville College, which provided our daughter with a balanced education and the means to express the natural gifts she was born with. Our second daughter 'wanted what she had', so (enthusiastically) followed her sister. Roseville College is not just our choice, this is our family's choice.

I'm a mother of recent graduates

Roseville College has been school heaven to us. With its caring Christian ap-proach and its Christ centred message, the main reason I chose the school all those years ago was to encourage my girls in their faith walk - for my husband, it was the good HSC results. Now our girls are finishing their schooling, I can say the experience for both girls and for our family has been wonderful. The staff at Roseville have worked hard to encourage our girls as Christians, as women, and as learners in life.

I'm a father of Roseville College graduates

My advice to parents at the College is jump in with both hands and feet. Make Roseville College your own school, too. If you do, your family will have the most wonderful experience in this very nurturing, embracing, and empowering place. Then, watch your girls become who they were born to be.

I'm an Old Girl who has found professional success in life and actively serves in the global community

I had a really happy time at school. The best thing that ever happened to me in those early years was that I was really challenged while also being allowed to stay true to myself. As my thinking was engaged, my skills were unpackaged and I was set on course to refine my talents in later life. I remember laughing so hard I can still remember it today. The pressure was not purely to succeed academically; but to make the most of the opportunities given to me each day.

I'm a mother of current students

Despite being an Old Girl, before automatically enrolling our daughter we did our due diligence to evaluate other schools as well. However, in the end, it came down to this: I still feel I'm part of this family. I ultimately questioned why am I considering anywhere else? For me, the sense of belonging and connection that I had has as a student remains for me and, now, for my family. It never went away.

I'm a mother of both a current student and a recent graduate

We believe Christian values remain relevant in today's fast paced society. We prioritise how the values we practise at home are honoured in our girls' school environment. We don't want those values to be lost as our children move into the workplace. Staying connected with each other and maintaining a sense of tradition is also important. Tradition, faith, moral values, community and personal nurturing have all been a key part of our daughters (and family's) Roseville experience.


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