The Roseville College Parents’ Association (RCPA) is a vibrant part of our school community.

The RCPA is a volunteer group made up of parent representatives who actively engage with all parents in the Roseville College community. The RCPA operates under the authority and discretion of the Principal and is supported by the Director of Development and Community Engagement and the Community Relations Manager.

The RCPA enables parent engagement with the College community as a whole through the organising of events, activities and programs, and through the holding of regular RCPA meetings (generally once a term). Our strong Class Parent Network also organises social and friend-raising events for their child’s respective classes and year groups.

The purpose of the RCPA is to provide an opportunity for parents to work together to enhance the College community by:

  • Enabling parents to engage with the College community through organising, supporting and taking part in RCPA events, activities and programs
  • Enabling parents to provide assistance to those in need in the College community
  • Providing meetings each term as a forum for Principal/parent discourse
  • Raising funds, if deemed appropriate, to benefit Roseville College
  • Facilitating pro bono services, gifts and volunteers to the College which benefit the College
  • Contributing to Roseville College learning programs.

RCPA Committee

The purpose of the RCPA Committee is to assist the College in the administration and management of the RCPA and its activities. It also provides feedback and recommendations to the Principal on matters arising through the RCPA. The Committee is not a decision-making body.

The Committee comprises the following office bearers:

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Junior School Representative
  • Senior School Representative.

The Committee’s Office Bearers are elected for a 1-year period and an annual election is held at the first meeting of the RCPA in Term 2.

RCPA Volunteers

RCPA Volunteers greatly enhance life at Roseville College by participating in a range of activities. These include: being a class parent, participating in education programs to support our girls, , supporting extra-curricular opportunities (such as rowing or debating), marshalling and helping at school carnivals, preparing frozen meals for families in times of distress, serving in our school Canteen, or meeting regularly with others for prayer.

At Roseville College, the safety and welfare of our students is paramount. The School requires all adults, engaging with our students, to have a Working With Children Check (WWCC) clearance.

For all RCPA queries and to learn about current opportunities for participation — and areas at school that welcome parent involvement — please contact:

Mrs Nat Chrara
Community Relations Manager
Community Relations Office

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