Roseville College uses digital textbooks for many subjects. The three main reasons for doing this are:

  1. WEIGHT: Prior to 2013, some book lists had a combined weight over 8kg!. By moving to digital text books we have been able to reduce the weight of books lists by over half, which is better ergonomically for our students.
  2. INTERACTION AND DIFFERENTIATION: Whilst many digital textbooks are simply a digital copy of an existing printed text, the growing trend from authors and publishers is to provide online interactive resources that provide significant advantages to a student's learning by allowing interaction and differentiation in the classroom.
  3. COST: Many digital textbooks are significantly cheaper than their physical equivalents, saving around 40-60% of the paperback cost. Cost differences are heavily publisher dependent, with not all publishers providing these discounts.


Years 7-10

  • Physical Textbooks will be posted by Campion in mid January as per previous years.
  • All EBooks regardless of format will be setup by the College in conjunction with Campion and publishers against each student's College logon account. Resources will be made available to students at the latest on Day 1, Term 1 with every effort being made to make these resources available a week earlier if possible.

Years 11-12

  • Physical Textbooks will be posted by Campion in mid January as per previous years.
  • EBooks in pdf and epub formats will be accessible via the Campion MyConnect app and website. These resources will be supplied directly via Campion, and Campion will provide the access details at the same time that physical textbooks are delivered.
  • Interactive digital resources. Registration and access cards will be posted by Campion with the physical textbooks in mid January. Access codes will be delivered via email. These registrations cards and codes unlock resources on publisher websites, and students require accounts to each publisher website. Please retain these cards and codes and keep them safe - do not throw them out!

For more information, please contact Mr Nathan Mares, Director of ICT.


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