Operation Hours

The Roseville College ICT Department is open Monday to Friday, 8am to 4pm during school terms and holiday breaks. The department is only closed for public holidays and from Christmas Eve to the start of the first full working week in January. The Department is located in Rose Cottage, and girls are encouraged to visit anytime to get assistance.

The ICT Department can be contacted on (02) 9884 1110 during normal hours.

Common Support Questions

How do I connect to the school wireless system?

Your laptop should be able to see a list of wireless networks at the school: "RC-Enrol", "RC-Guest", "Roseville College" and others. Follow these steps to connect:

  • Choose the "RC-Enrol" network
  • Select the appropriate device and follow the on screen prompts until enrollment is complete, please note you will need to know your username and password to complete this process.
  • When prompted, accept to install and trust the wireless certificate. *
  • Lastly, your laptop should connect to "Roseville College" automatically after about 5 minutes, if this doesn't happen automatically please make that change manually.

* Please note that Windows laptops prior to Windows 8 may involve some extra steps. Please visit the ICT Department for assistance if you have a Windows 7 laptop, or if you need assistance with any other device.

More information can be found under the Digital Passport section of the Portal.

How do I access Roseville College Portal on my laptop at school?

Access to Roseville College Portal at school is exactly the same as at home. Simply go to http://portal.roseville.nsw.edu.au and logon with your Roseville College username and password. Select the "This is a private computer" option when logging on from your own laptop.

How do I print when at at school?

Instructions on how to print at school can be found under the Digital Passport section of the Portal.

My battery is flat and I need my laptop for class. What do I do?

Please visit the ICT Service Desk and you will be loaned a spare laptop for class. If you have your charger with you, charge your laptop in the charging station available in ICT foyer (another is available in the Library) whilst you are using the loan laptop.

My laptop is broken and I can't use it. What do I do?

If your laptop stops working whilst at school, come immediately to the ICT Service Desk and you will be loaned a laptop. The ICT Service Desk is not able to repair personally owned devices or assist where a significant hardware or software fault exists that prevents the laptop from working or connecting to the school’s student wireless system. However, if the problem is a minor issue, then the ICT Service Desk will assist as much as is possible to resolve the issue.

If your machine has a significant issue, you will need to contact the reseller you purchased your laptop from and organise the repair. If you purchased your laptop form a school preferred reseller, once you have organised the repair you can drop your laptop off at the ICT Service Desk. A technician will come to the ICT Department and repair your machine and you can pick it up again once it is fixed.

You may keep the loan laptop whilst your laptop is being repaired. If the repair takes longer than three weeks, you will need to visit the ICT Service Desk to discuss your repair further.

More information is available under the FAQ section.

My laptop has been stolen or maliciously damaged.

Report the issue immediately to Student Services. Then visit the ICT Service Desk to get a loan laptop whilst your laptop is repaired, found or replaced.

I have a problem that is not listed here.

Please visit or call the ICT Service Team - details at top of page!


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