At Roseville College we believe that students should use the device with which they are most comfortable and with which learning will be most effective. We recognise and value the importance of choice, and therefore are not mandating specific brands or models of laptops or other ICT devices. Rather we are strongly recommending that students bring a laptop that meets the minimum requirements.

We recognise that for many parents evaluating the best laptop for their daughter can be a challenging task, and therefore to assist parents in selecting a suitable laptop and to also ensure best value for money, Roseville College has negotiated special pricing with educational resellers that the College has existing relationships with.

Benefits of using a preferred reseller include:

  • All laptops come with a full 3 year warranty which includes professional support over the phone and the option to have the laptop repaired onsite at the College or shipped back to the manufacturer at no cost if issues arise. This removes the requirement of parents having to take faulty laptops back to the store to get them repaired.
  • All laptops have been tested by the College for suitability in terms of weight, speed, battery life, etc and are of suitable ruggedness to withstand day to day use in the classroom
  • Extra support options are available from the College ICT Service Desk for students
  • Best value for money.

For 2021, preferred models are available from the online stores of CompNow and Next Technologies, the preferred resellers for Roseville College for both PC and Apple devices.

Please click the logos below to access the BYOD portals for each of our preferred resellers


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