All Year 7-12 students are required to bring their own personal laptop for use in the classroom. For students who do not have an existing laptop, an Ultrabook device is recommended. An Ultrabook is generally a lightweight laptop with a low voltage processor, solid state hard drive designed for portability and rapid startup and wake from hibernation or sleep. A well known example of an Ultrabook is the MacBook Air.

Detailed information on purchasing recommendations and how laptops will be supported in the College can be found in the FAQ section. It is strongly recommended that all parents read the entire FAQ section before purchasing a laptop for their daughter.

Special deals on Ultrabooks tested by the College for suitability are also available from College recommended resellers. Parents are also encouraged to check the options available before purchasing a laptop for their daughter.

Students' laptop should meet the following minimum requirements.

Minimum Hardware Requirements

  • Operating System: Windows (10 or higher), Macintosh (MacOS10.13 or higher), Linux.
  • Screen Size: 12.5 to 14 inch screen size. (12" and under are generally too small for sustained medium to heavy laptop use, and 15" and over are generally too heavy)
  • Storage: 256GB of storage is recommended. Whilst 128GB may be sufficient for some activities your daughter will participate in, experience tells us that some students with only 128GB of storage eventually experience difficulty. Some students can probably get by with 128GB, as long as they can keep their files very organised and remove files and applications that are no longer required.
  • Keyboard: Full QWERTY keyboard suited for touch typing
  • Battery: Genuine 5+ hours of battery life to last a full day at school.
    (Manufacturers advertised battery life is generally based upon the laptop doing minimal work with maximum power saving options enabled. This figure is often 20-40% greater than true life of the battery under normal use.)
  • Wireless: Built in wireless card capable of 802.11a/g/n speeds.
  • Weight: Preferably 1.6kg or less
  • Laptop Age: Preferably less than 3 years old.
  • Warranty: All new devices should have a 3 year onsite warranty that includes cover for accidental damage. Existing devices should be covered by a suitable warranty. Devices purchased through the College's preferred resellers can be serviced onsite at the College and assistance with this process can be provided by the College's IT department if required.

Software Requirements

  • Internet Browser: Latest releases of Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari
  • Desktop Publishing:Microsoft Office, OpenOffice or Apple iWorks (please note that all students are provided with a copy of Microsoft Office during the ICT induction program).
  • PDF Reader:Adobe Reader
  • Antivirus Software: Has up-to-date antivirus. Whilst PCs are more susceptible to viruses, it is recommended that both Macs and PCs have up-to-date anti-virus software installed. There are several good free anti-virus options which are:
  • Backup Software: All students are strongly encouraged to backup to a dedicated online backup system. Google Backup and Sync is one such service. Google Backup and Sync is free for up to 15GB of storage if you are using your own Google account, or up to approximately $125.00 per year for 1TB of storage.
  • Whilst you can setup Google Backup and Sync to use an existing personal Google Account, all Roseville students are provided with a Google Account which they can use with Google Backup and Sync, with unlimited storage for free.
  • Another available backup solution is Carbonite, which provides similar functionality to the previously recommended but now discontinued CrashPlan. Carbonite costs $72.00 per year for backup of one computer, with alternative bundle pricing available for families.
  • This provides unlimited backup storage, ensures a backup of every file version, and alerts students if there are issues with backup. Other online backup systems such as BackBlaze are also fine should you not wish to use Carbonite.
  • Backup to a portable hard drive using Time Machine or Windows backup is not as highly recommended as Carbonite or Google Backup and Sync as portable hard drives can get damaged or lost, and students often forget to connect it for backup and so the backup is out of date. However, it is better than nothing.

Recommended Models

The current recommended models for Roseville College students are:

  • HP Elitebook x360 830
  • Lenovo X13 Yoga
  • Apple MacBook Air 13"
  • Apple MacBook Pro 13"

Apple, HP and Lenovo devices can be purchased from our preferred reseller Next Technologies

Apple devices can be purchased from our preferred reseller Computers Now.

Laptops are also available for hire from the College where parents do not wish to purchase a new laptop. Please see the Hiring a Laptop section for more information.


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