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Next Technologies is one of two preferred resellers for Roseville College and the Anglican Schools Corporation. All devices are available at pricing levels cheaper than retail pricing. Accessories and insurance are available from Next Technologies as well.

Purchasing devices via Next Technologies also provides the following benefits

  • Discounted and included 3 year AppleCare on all Apple products which includes:
  • Included 3 year back to base warranty for Apple and Microsoft devices and onsite repair for most other devices.
  • Optional 3 year global insurance with Accidental Damage Protection

Delivery is available direct to your preferred address for a nominal fee of $18.00 inc. GST.

Products can be ordered online via the special Roseville College BYOD purchasing purchasing.

Frequently Asked Questions about Next Technologies

What notebooks are available on the portal?

Roseville College and Next Technologies have worked closely with Apple, Microsoft and HP to provide special pricing on the latest, best suited models for this program.

Each offering is Bundle price that includes an uplift to 3 years On Site Warranty.When comparing prices with advertisements or in your visits to retailers, be aware that most prices DO NOT include 3 years warranty.

Is any special software required to be purchased?

Most software required by the College is available using the College's software delivery system which is setup for students during ICT Orientation when they start in the Senior School.

However, there are some basic software requirements which can be found under the Requirements section.

How long from my time of order will I receive the machine?

Orders usually take between 1 to 3 weeks from time of order assuming no delays and will then be shipped to the school IT Dept or your preferred delivery address.

Will I need to get a laptop bag?

When you get to the "Optional Accessories"  step in the portal ordering process, you will be able to choose from a range of protective sleeves. The College highly recommends the purchase of a protective sleeve.

What is the difference between insurance and warranty?

Warranty is to cover the failure of the notebook caused by its own fault and is included in the purchase price for 3 years.

Insurance is to cover the failure of the notebook by an external fault, e.g. dropping, liquid damage or a theft or loss of the notebook.

What do I need to do for insurance?

Insurance coverage for your notebook when not at home, can be either arranged with your home and contents insurance provider or you can purchase the iBroker QBE Insurance product in the accessories section on the portal.

If you are insuring through your home and contents provider, please use the coverage value for the iBroker product as a guide in talking to your home and contents insurer. This value has been selected based on a claim amount closest to a replacement or repair value for your specific notebook model.

All claims done through the iBroker QBE product will have an excess of $200 per claim. For more detail on the iBroker QBE Product, please see these links:


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