Ms Deb Magill BEd, MECh, MACE, MACEL

Passionate about the education of girls, Deb Magill is an accomplished educator and leader whose career has spanned over 20 years.

Ms Magill holds a Master degree in education, and is a member of the Australian College of Educators and the Australian Council for Educational Leaders. Her experience spans as an educator and leader in girls’, co-educational and boys’ schools.

Having already served across the College for six years in both the Junior and Senior Schools, Ms Magill has a rich understanding of Roseville College's culture, girls and parents. Her most recent position, prior to her appointment as Principal of Roseville College in 2017, was the Director of Learning, a senior member of the College’s executive team. Deb’s strategic outlook for the College, combined with her successful negotiations in partnering with Cambridge University to deliver Cambridge International Courses at Roseville College, are examples of how Roseville College continues to realise purpose in the lives of its students by providing them with enriched, rigorous and academic progress that competes strongly on the global stage.

Ms Magill has a clear plan to see both students and staff excel, and an exceptional understanding of how girls learn. She has a desire to see girls equipped to succeed in an era of innovation. Ms Magill also has a compassionate heart for the welfare of the girls under her care and desires to provide an education where each girl is known for who she is and is equipped with the knowledge, skills and motivation to thrive. Additionally, in the teaching community Ms Magill is highly regarded as a leader in education and learning.

The College is guided by a Strategic Plan, revised every three years in collaboration with the College Executive and the wider School community. Under the vision of Realising Purpose, the current strategic plan spans the school years: 2018 – 2020, and was launched by the Principal, Ms Deb Magill, on 1 December 2017.

Principal's Introduction to Realising Purpose

Ms Magill is also a strong and committed Christian. She is married and has two school age children, one of whom attends Roseville College. Ms Magill is an active member of her local Anglican Church.


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